Adaptable, Open and Affordable Voice Solutions from Royal 4 and Voxware

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Constantly changing workflows, labor and technology, that's the reality of today's warehouse. As the industry's first 100% open voice software provider, Royal 4 Systems has partnered with industry leader Voxware. Voice picking increases productivity and offers many other benefits.


Please take a moment to watch voice picking in a live environment (Adobe Flash Needed).


Industry leaders use Voxware voice solutions at hundreds of locations around the globe. Royal 4 and Voxware offer dramatically lower implementation costs that eliminate custom coding, while leveraging service oriented architecture (SOA). Customers enjoy the proven benefits of voice technology including:

  • Hands free operation and continuous workflow
  • Increased worker productivity and safety
  • Decreased mis-picks
  • Reduced short orders on trucks
  • Real-time visibility to order status
  • Elimination of paper pick lists
  • Reduced employee training time regardless of native language

Regardless of whether you are focused on picking, receiving, replenishment or overall inventory management, you may need a versatile voice solution. Your Royal 4 representative can help you calculate your own Voice ROI.
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